“Diane is the reason I get up at 5 in the morning. And she’s worth it.”

– Beth

My favorite Diane quote is, “You’re stronger than you think you are”. No judgement, start from where you are. Four years ago, she motivated me to run a half marathon when I had never gone further than a 5K. I’ve run a half marathon every year since, and the best part is that in addition to inspiring people to believe in themselves, Diane brings us together; she builds community. I am so grateful for the women I run with. This is what makes Diane exceptional!
— Jess
Diane gave me permission to believe in myself and feel ok  (good even!) about prioritizing my health and fitness goals.  When I started doing restore the core I had never done a plank. When I started training with her for races I had run 5 miles (once).  I had chronic back pain.  Since then I’ve run 4 half marathons, planked one billion times in 874 different ways and, amazingly, I keep getting better at all of it. Every time I finish a class or a race I think well, I’ve peaked!  Then I sign up again and Diane helps me find a new way to challenge myself and a new goal to shoot for (she doesn’t even know she does this-sometimes she just says stuff that makes me do it).  Five years into working out with Diane I’m faster than I ever dreamed was possible, and when my kids are asked to describe me they say “she’s really strong and she’s a runner.”  To me, the fact that my kids see me as strong means it’s real.  I credit the structure, motivation and built in friend group she creates for all of it.  And, I don’t have chronic back pain anymore.  She’s just the right amount of cheer leader and drill sergeant and friend.
— Susan
Early on in my first running season with Diane, I had so many questions - Isn’t it too hot to run this week?  Am I too old to sprint that interval? Can I possibly run that far and long? The individualized training and support Diane provided allowed me to challenge myself and discover new strengths. I have never before considered myself a “runner,” but in 2016, training for two half marathons with Diane, I logged over 600 miles! What surprises me more than the distance is how much I enjoyed our early mornings on the roads and evenings on the track. I’ll be back for more.
— Caroline

“I used to have chronic lower back and knee pain, and since I started boot camp with Diane, I have neither. Instead, I have a strong core and strong legs.

I have more stamina for my kids, and for whatever activity life throws my way. Windsurfing at age 45? Bring it on.”

– Melissa